ISSN 1300 - 1973
Gemi ve Deniz Teknolojisi | GMO Journal Of Ship And Marine Technology GMO SHIPMAR: 24 (213)

Volume: 24  Issue: 213 - 2018

1.A Rational Approach to Predicting the Effect of Fouling Control Systems on “In-Service” Ship Performance
M. Atlar, I. A. Yeginbayeva, S. Turkmen, Y. K. Demirel, A. Carchen, A. Marino, D. Williams
Pages 5 - 36

2.New Horizons in Marine Coatings
Yigit Kemal Demirel
Pages 37 - 53

3.Development an Experimental Method to Investigate Hydrodynamic Drag
Serkan Turkmen, Mehmet Atlar, Irma Yeginbayeva, Simon Benson
Pages 54 - 65

4.Hull Fouling During Time Charter Service: Liability for Deficient Performance of the Ship
Ceren Cerit Dindar
Pages 66 - 74

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