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Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope

GMO Journal of SHIP and MARINE TECHNOLOGY (GMOSHIPMAR) is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal which is published quarterly by Turkish Chamber of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers of Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, contributes to the development of professional knowledge of its members and to contribute in the field of ship and marine technology in national and international base. GMOSHIPMAR abides by local and international principles and ethics of publication. All research articles submitted to the GMOSHIPMAR are evaluated by at least 3 referees. The evaluation process is managed by the JournalAgent web based online communication system respecting a standard peer-review procedure conducted for both authors and referees. As a result of the evaluation process, the final decision on the article is given by the Editor-in-chief or the Deputy Editor-in-chief, depending on the referee and the Field Editor, if any. The opinions and ideas in the articles published in GMOSHIPMAR and its complete legal consequences belong to the author(s). In this respect, SHIP and MARINE TECHNOLOGY does not assume any responsibility. Whether published or not manuscripts and photos submitted for publication will not be returned. It is possible to quote in full or in summary of the articles published in GMOSHIPMAR in the condition of citing the source.


All the research articles submitted to GMO Journal of Ship and Marine Technology are reviewed by at least 3 reviewers. During this evaluation, JournalAgent web based online system provides “Double-Blind Review” which means both the reviewers and authors cannot see their information on the manuscript file. After completing review process, final decision is given by the Editor-in-Chief or the Deputy Editor-in-Chiefs by considering the comments of the reviewers and the Section Editor, if avaliable.


GMO Journal of Ship and Marine Technology is published as 4 issues per year. In addition to these issues, additional special issues can be optionally published with the decision of the Editorial Board.


Please download Author Guidelines for manuscript preparation.

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